Damon Lindelof

DAMON LINDELOF was born in New Jersey to a schoolteacher and a banker. He was also born a writer, although it would take over 25 years to figure that out. In 2004 he met writer-director-producer J.J. Abrams to create a television series about the survivors of a mysterious plane crash —LOST. After six years, a hundred and twenty episodes, and many unanswered mysteries, Damon finally left the island to work as as a writer and producer on feature films STAR TREK, PROMETHEUS, WORLD WAR Z and TOMORROWLAND. Read More

But let’s face it – television is where it’s at so Damon partnered with novelist Tom Perrotta to co-create and executive produce HBO’s critically-acclaimed THE LEFTOVERS, which he fiercely defended for three seasons as “not as depressing as everyone says.” These days, he is allegedly working on an adaptation of the iconic masterpiece that inspired him to tell stories in the first place, Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN. But please don’t ask Damon about it because he can’t tell you anything yet. He also wrote this bio.

Michael Schur

Michael Schur was co-creator and executive producer of the critically acclaimed NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation” and the current Golden Globe-winning comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” on Fox. He is also an executive producer of the Netflix comedy series “Master of None.”Read More

Prior to “Parks,” Schur spent four years as a writer-producer on the Emmy Award-winning NBC hit “The Office,” where he was also individually nominated twice for writing the episodes “Christmas Party” and “The Negotiation.” His first TV writing job was at “Saturday Night Live,” where he spent seven seasons, including three as the producer of “Weekend Update” with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon.
Fans of “The Office” may also know him as Dwight Schrute’s ghoulish, bearded, beet-farming cousin, Mose Schrute. Schur currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, J.J. Philbin, and their two children.